LEC 99.9% Pure Water Everyday Wet Wipes (3 Packs x 80 Sheets)

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Everyday Wet Wipes (3 Packs x 80 Sheets)

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Everyday Wet Wipes (Carton - 20 Packs x 80 Sheets)

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Everyday Wet Wipes (Carton - 20 Packs x 80 Sheets)

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes (3 Packs x 80 Sheets)


LEC 99.9% Pure Water Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes are used to clean soiled mouth and hands. Young children have delicate skin, but they love to explore outdoors and play, getting dirty easily. This wet wipes is both gentle on their skin and cleanses thouroughly. 

Made in World largest Germ-free Cleanroom in Japan.

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LEC 99.9% Baby Wipes pride to content NO harmful contents
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Parabens - preservative
  • NO Aroma chemical/artificial fragrant
  • NO Propylene Glycol - preservative
World First Breakthrough of 99.9% Pure Water baby wipes.
Near Water - Lowest tested safe Anti bacteria content of 0.1%
Mummy & Daddy’s first choice, LEC the trusted household brand; Economical, Soft, Purest, Safest Wipes formulated for baby with Sensitive skin
  • NO diaper rash
  • NO allergy
  • NO harmful chemicals
  • No preservative
  • Precise moderate moisture content
  • Free from skin stimulants
LEC 99.9% Pure Water Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes is the No. 1 Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes in the market.
  • 99.9% pure water, dry and not sticky. 
  • SGS certification: Alcohol-free, Paraben-free preservatives, formaldehyde and fluorescent agents are not added, mild and not irritating. 
  • Special mesh material, so that hand dirt easier to wipe. 
  • 99.9% pure water, used in the mouth, cheeks, body feel comfortable to use 
  • Add green tea extract ingredients. 
  • Sealing off line design, do not use the stickers, easy to extract. 
  • The latest clean room automation factory production, strict hygiene control.

We only sell authentic LEC Wet Wipes on our website.

Hand & Mouth wiping (Mesh)

  • Size: approx 180 x 150 mm
  • Material: Rayon, Polyester 
  • Component: water, benzalkonium chloride, BG, propynyl iodide butylcarbamate, tea kiss


[Infant skin thickness is 1/2 of adult] 

Compared to the adult baby's skin is relatively fragile. Infant skin is less resistant to irritation, so use wet towels that are as close to pure water as possible and less irritating are best for infants.


Mesh material, so that dirt easier to wipe mouth

What things want to put their mouth to the baby, mouth and hands during the weaning are always dirty and sticky. 
Especially for hand-mouth launched mesh material, easily wipe the baby's hand dirty. 
Pure water 99.9%, do not use Paraben preservatives and alcohol and other ingredients, used in the mouth, cheeks and even the body can be used peace of mind. 
Of course, the table can also be dirty to clean, meal placed in a readily pumping place, is convenient and practical daily life, a good helper.

Intimate seal line design

In order to help the baby hand to change diapers, and the other hand to take wet wipes, the packaging seal often sticky makes it hard to extract the wet wipes. Intimate design line, allows the seal to not stick to your hand so easily. Therefore easy to extract, super convenient!


Made in World largest Germ-free Cleanroom in Japan

This product is produced by I-PLUS in a clean room in our own factory in Shikoku, Japan. Because it is used for the baby's skin products, so completely strict hygiene control, fully automated process, from production to packaging did not come into contact with the human hand, of course, the use of foreign body detection camera, metal detector, weight check, Maintain high quality.

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